The electrical french connection or the real truth about afcis? An enormous scandal not to denounce?

Article and video report below:

In North America, each year the organisms in charge of public safety publish alarming statistics concerning dwelling electrical fires. In France, there are some 240,000 dwelling fires per annum (governmental statistics of April 2012), with 800 deaths and 10,000 injured. A third of these are electrical fires, hence one every six minutes just in France.

In North America and in France, the elimination of the quasi-totality of electrical fires is possible since 2001. Well then?

It seems improbable that a modest professional could obtain a solid innovation patent concerning an innovation having such repercussions and researched for decades by R&D engineers around the world. And even less imaginable that this advance of the discovery of what appears to be an overall agreement among certain industrials; the fact that the main cause of electrical fires remains hidden and unprotected despite all the talk about security; even as required security products will not work as one would expect.

Some may think that this story is insane; some episodes are often literally incredible. Others turn away saying they do not have the expertise to judge. The result is the same: a suspension of judgment.

As in the Discourse on the Method by Descartes, “prejudice and precipitation prevent us from good judgment”. The discovery must be seen in the background even if it has been validated. Here, it suffices to list the facts that are verifiable. It is through them that the first extraordinary case is anchored in reality and takes its scenery. A scenery that reveals the disturbing aspects of globalization, shameful practices of certain multinational companies having, as it seems, support at the highest levels.

A matter of public safety, if not the State, not reported? 

Complete Investigation documentary,  3 parts :

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You can get in touch with the project leaders  here

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3 Commentaires

  1. Rubeth
    23 octobre 2013

    It’s an incredible story.

    If I understand the system creates a ground contact if there is an abnormal temperature in connections. Philosophical opposition? This is incredible again!
    For example see on YOUTUBE the comment of 123allrock.This reportage is the story of an effective and inexpensive solution that prevent the main cause of electrical fires, and no one should oppose it.


  2. Bob
    5 octobre 2013

    I have been involved in this project for several years, and I appreciate this video, which summarizes the difficulties that Cyril and his associates have encountered in trying to bring to market this safety device that will indeed save lives and prevent fires.
    The NEC is an organization that mandates how we implement electrical installations in the US, and is comprised of Panels of members that represent different organizations. Many of these members are not experts and do not fully understand the technology involved in what their Panel is mandating. Some, if not most, of the panels are « stacked » with manufacturers and others whose primary goal is to advance their products to make more money. Please do not be naïve and think that the National Electrical Code exists primarily for safety (I was naïve and believed this at one time). Recognize that the requirements for AFCIs, which continue to expand each Code cycle, have meant BILLIONS of $$ of profit for the companies that manufacture them, and they DO NOT address the main concern of electrical fires – the glowing connection. Contact Cyril if you are interested in involvement in any way in this worthwhile project.

  3. sparky
    4 octobre 2013

    theres been a lot of problems with the afci, and this lends credibility, i am an American electrician using them with serious doubts

    the technology presented should be pursued!


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