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1,060,000 Is the approximate number of electrical fires in France

between 2001 and the date of this update.

…and probably two to three times more in USA.

Is the sold electric material perfectible?

The Electrical French Connection, or the Real Truth about AFCIs? »

Jean Louis Rosenberg: +33 (0)

In North America, the organisms in charge of safety publish every year alarming statistics concerning the electrical fires concerning dwellings. In France, there are 240,000 domestic fires per year (governmental statistics April 2012), with 800 deaths and 10,000 injured. A third of these disasters have an electric origin, meaning one every six minutes just in France alone.

In North America and in France, to eliminate the almost-totality of the electrical fires is possible since 2001. So then?

It seems unlikely that a modest professional can get such a strong invention patent about an innovation having such repercussions and sought-after for decades by engineers in R&D all over the world. And even less imaginable that he discovers what seems to be vast agreements between some industrials; on the fact that the main reason of the electrical fires remains concealed and unprotected in spite of all speeches on safety; or even that some safety products made obligatory would not function as intended. Some will be able to think that this story is insane; some episodes are often literally unbelievable. Others will divert themselves while saying that they don’t have the technical expertise to judge.

Here the discovery must be seen in the background even though it has always been validated and it is sufficient to list the facts that are verifiable. It is solely through them that this extraordinary affaire, anchors itself in the reality and takes all its relief that reveals the aspects troubling of internationalization and of certain multinationals, seemingly having influence at the highest levels. And of the thousands of victims…

A public health affaire, if not a state matter, not to denounce?

Updated April 26, 2014


In the beginning of the 1990’s Cyril Charles who in France manages an electrical and electronic fire detection company, wants to solve the unpredictable risk of fire present in all installations: hot spot or Glowing Connections. He knows that it is the leading cause of electrical fires (and not arcs1), because it is the only risk that remains unprotected. He lists numerous previous researches and he does not believe in any efficient protection from the electric panel to manage this risk. Hey looks in another direction.

1 Almost identical to those of USA, in France in the 1960’s, public electricity distribution passes from 110 volts to 230 volts for dwellings. To differential device function was made mandatory in the main breaker and interconnection of protective earth (PE) conductors independent of the neutral. So for the French, the terminology « parallel arcs » does not exist. It is either a shorts-circuit in the case of accidental contact Phase-Neutral, or isolation failure in the case of accidental contact of Phase-PE conductors or Neutral-PE. However, these risks are controlled by circuit breakers or RCDs mandatory since the 1960’s in France.

He finally discovers a universal solution that can prevent almost all of these fires and can be generalized for a ridiculous price. It is so simple and efficient that it seems incomprehensible that no one has discovered this before. But at the time he had to solve other problems in France in 1991 and the 30mA RCDs are to be made mandatory and widespread. It was possible that they could indirectly mitigate the risk of Glowing Connections. By 1999 the statistics had not improved. Cyril Charles filed a patent application drafted by an excellent lawyer at the French National Institute of Industrial Property on December 28th of that same year2.

2 Upon such demand the services of the French National Defense are advised to possibly preempt; a delay of five months starts running. In parallel, the review is informed by INPI who gives an official response within a year of filing. The application and any patent remain confidential during the following 18 months.


Cyril Charles is friends with Michel Guignard, Master Electrician member of Compagnons du Tour de France3: the two men want to develop this technology.

They address ANVAR Aquitaine, the National Agency for the Promotion of Research, who accredits innovations & innovative enterprises in France, which has the effect of greatly facilitating access to finances. Curiously the director refuses to receive these professionals, “ANVAR does not support independent inventors. » The two man have no reason to doubt him. But this was false and will have serious consequences: without this support, essential in France, they were virtually deprived of funding and forced to seek an agreement with the manufacturers who « hold » this sector. June 30th, they addressed, among others, a presentation to two French industrial leaders A and B, an insurance company E, EDF4 and several investment funds (notary avadavat).

3 The Compagnons du Tour de France are, in France and in Europe, one of the most prestigious professional orders. These are the Compagnons du Tour de France who intervene on the château of Versailles, the cathedrals, etc.

4 Electricité de France (EDF) is the leading producer and supplier of electricity in France and around the world. In 2012, EDF had turnover of approximately $94.56 billion.

They receive a response from A, nothing from B, and other negative replies. Industrial A sends an engineer who seemed stunned and they meet at the headquarters of the world famous company where the technology had been completely analyzed. The R & D manager said « one has redone the NFC 15-1005 « (!?) and he wants to get his hands one the patent application with an immediate purchase. Both man prefer a license transfer + low royalties to be sure that the technology is commercialized. Nothing will happen… But this discovery does not eliminate any other product and its commercialization appears very profitable. Not to mention that it saves lives.
…Mystery N° 1

5 The norms NFC 15-100: the French equivalent to the norms of the National Electrical Code for dwellings in USA.

The two men then contact C a French industrial also globally known, hardly present in France in the sector of the dwelling installations, but more present in the USA and in Canada. They immediately receive a fax from this company. Three specialists of the home office want to come as soon as possible. But the day before the planned meeting this company cancels the journey and then asks to receive only the text of the patent application. It appears incomprehensible…
…Mystery N° 2

After these curious events, company B comes out of its silence and proposes an appointment, even sending plane tickets. After having confirmed that the glowing connections were the reason of the almost-totality of the fires, that the discovery neutralizes them in an unpublished manner opening gigantic markets. Especially since the patent application was perfect, the engineer in charge of R&D  of this big company let go some confidences, while asking for discretion.

« You have a problem » he says to them. « The French leaders have all bet on an American technology, the AFCIs, (Arcing Fault Circuits Interrupters) launched this same year in the USA ».

Thus, contrary to what he has just validated 10 minutes earlier, he pretends that the arcs would be now the major reason of the electrical fires! He explains the working of these AFCIs. But Cyril and Michel are struck back and they don’t believe in the reliability of series arc detection… They don’t understand anything… Detecting series arcs, it doesn’t serve anything. A function which would not be… functional, but also of the agreements (is this legal?). And what does the USA have to do in relation to France? And what about the competition?

The word competition makes the engineer laugh. This would be nearly a view of the mind, the competition… The industrials would do what they want, that is just the way that it is. Seeming to want to put them on guard, this engineer pulls out of a cupboard a device and explains: its inventor paid for the royalties of patent for 20 years without succeeding in marketing it. And the patent is now in the public domain: « It will be launched next year, the inventor won’t touch a red cent« .

At the end of this year 2000, the INPI will deliver a strong patent. While the industrials A, B and C make known their refusal in writing, either without technical objections or with some fantasy that are so outrages that they are only laughable.

The Industrial Property responsible of company C is contacted for explanations: his company firmly opposes “the principle of the innovation ». From what laws and for what reasons?
…Mystery N° 3

2001: the year when the technology would have been due to be put into service and where all has been done to bury it:

In the beginning of the year Cyril and Michel noticed on the internet, the launching in USA of AFCIs by the US company AH: they don’t understand its utility and they think that the detection of series arcs doesn’t function. The product pulled out of the cupboard certainly arrives in the catalog of the company B while two companies A and C with whom our friends were in business merge after months of negotiations according to the journalists. Cyril and Michel have difficulty effectively believing in any competition and they have the impression that they had been dragged around in circles for a red herring.

Having understood that even if the series arc detection did functioned, these AFCIs would not detect the glowing connections either, the two men conceive a range of articulate products with their technology to protect the most dangerous zones of dwellings. They contact about fifty more modest industrials. All are contacted, designate immense markets. But curiously no one ever gives continuation without ever giving explanations? Only one is going to want to get involved in the project. With him, Cyril and Michel discover the considerable profits that the commercialization of these products would even sold at a low price. But then for what reasons would all the industrial leaders therefore be all uninterested of this manner of hundreds of millions of euros?
…Mystery N° 4

After a call and a Fax to the Paris ANVAR to finally succeed in getting a useless appointment to the Aquitaine ANVAR, the project holders are obliged to look for a validation in spite of or against the ANVAR (unbelievable) to raise funds and to develop as a joint venture with this industrial.

Therefore they address the UTE6 among others, the Union Technique de l’Electricité, that by delegation of the AFNOR, the French agency of Normalization, elaborate the norms as the « NFC 15-100″, represent France in the different international commissions of normalization and deliver technical opinions; in the LCIE, the Laboratoire Central des Industries Électriques7, and to NOVELEC Aquitaine, an organism oriented toward innovations and that is tied with EDF. They also re-launch the insurance company E, contacted June 30 2000.

6 similar to ANSI in USA but the UTE is specialized in electricity.

 UTE, Part I:

In February 2001, Cyril and Michel are received by the UTE’s Chief of Staff, Mr. T… an engineer specialized in the domain of invention applications, he seems dumbfounded. It is of public utility according to him. He encourages the two men to ask for a technical opinion, of which the amount of the estimate will be modest. He too doesn’t understand the utility for detecting arcs to prevent fires.

NOVELEC Aquitaine:

The expert engineer seems indignant: « …this file should receive some support (ANVAR?) and the price of the innovation… » He sends the file to EDF (the accelerator). A unilateral secret contract is signed and some technical documentations are sent there.

The insurance company E, Part I:

One of the senior executives indicates that his company works in total confidence with an extraordinary expert engineer; it will only do something if this expert gives his professional endorsement. It is Jean Pierre Denonain. He receives Cyril and Michel, validates and sends his report.


This big specialized laboratory gives an estimate for a set of tests on the basis of the plans of the devices, and list the norms referenced to it. Of course, no normative or technical opposition is raised.

This means that the products could enter in the homologation process as soon as 2001 so that it can be on the market and save of lives.

7  equivalent to UL in USA.

UTE, Part II:

With these elements, the estimate of the agreed technical opinion is asked. But T… indicates then by e-mails that there won’t be any technical opinion (!?) Because « some trustworthy experts » that one refuses to name, would oppose the principle of the innovation. In spite of several e-mail exchanges, nothing had been done. The invoked reasons are yet concocted. A registered letter is then sent and remains unanswered. No sign of life from T. nor from UTE. It is incredible…
…Mystery N° 5

Curiously insurer E also gives no news. Cyril contacts Jean-Pierre Denonain. This one seems upset. This engineer of very high level who has just retired from prestigious positions at APAVE makes an unexpected request: to work with Cyril and Michel. Without fees, or compensation. He is anxious to bring his expertise to this project that he judges of public utility and that it will save lives. To start, he writes an expert’s technical opinion (what the UTE refused to do), he includes a part of his résumé. Cyril and Michel note that this engineer has extraordinary competences and that he is internationally renowned.


After the validation of the technical pieces “we also have cases of fire with our breakers » a meeting takes place in one of the sites in Clamart. He is among others: the head of the European standardization , R&D engineers, and a high-level jurist. A secrecy agreement covering this meeting, its content cannot be disclosed. On the other hand, it is possible to signal that some days after, the jurist will contact Cyril to tell to him that EDF wanted to enter in partnership with his patent and that the contracts will be prepared. Then, no more of news and incomprehensible complications… According to an informant, those that have charged of the Cyril’s file at EDF would not know anymore how to rid themselves of it?

UTE, Part III:

It is at that moment that T… the UTE’s Chief of Staff phones. It is incredible, as if nothing happened, he proposes a technical opinion! This after which he had refused to do just before! But the condition is to go quickly, the project holders must come quickly and accompanied by only one or two people? It is accepted to collect the names of the « trustworthy experts ». And when they receive the convocation, the two men don’t go there. They imagine, that with these dynamics the UTE risks to emit a negative opinion, complicating even more the situation. They also forbid the UTE to debate this technology for which the UTE doesn’t have any right.

And surely nothing will become of EDF, which is also a member of UTE.

The patent is covers 11 European countries, the USA, Canada, and China.

2002-2003, nothing to do in France and in Europe. But mustn’t they go to North America?

Cyril Charles, Michel Guignard, Jean Pierre Denonain visit the organisms, associations and the ministerial offices to tempt to unblock this situation. Without success. Will they hear who they disturb (?) and will they hear anything spoken of “dark forces”… Toward the end of the year 2002, Cyril takes the decision go outside of France and he flies to Quebec with a report comparing the French and North American electric installations, written with Jean Pierre Denonain. It is about validating and to refine the technology for North America. He is in relation with an expert engineer Quebecois, among others.

Beginning 2003, the technical opinion of the North American expert engineer arrives validating everything.

The markets for the technology are worldwide, but the three men perhaps come without the knowledge that they set foot on a mined land. For starters, Jean Pierre Denonain, recently retired, receives a request for an appraisal mission from a large French company close to “Z”8. Upon his return, Jean Pierre will say that he didn’t have anything reason to be there, surprised about having slept at a hotel for one week far from his home for some jerks…

8 French state monopoly.

At the same time, a company in the center of the France M suddenly very interested says « This is good as have a subsidiary in North America »? The General Manager leaves his factory one day to go to Cyril’s industrial property advisor, the contracts are requested, it’s going to be signed. There is one meal with the president of the board of directors, one presents the staff of engineers, it’s going to be signed. One asks for works from the inventor, and after it’s going to be signed. Then one speaks of an assembly of file for subsidies, and after it’s going to be signed. Cyril puts the pressure on when one proposes a set of tests except that M refuses to lead the tests, this in the presence of Cyril or Michel or Jean Pierre Denonain. Of course these tests will never be led or they will be turned upside-down. Jean Pierre Denonain is revolted; the company M asks then, some months of supplementary delays. Cyril’s Industrial Properties advisor is dumbstruck. M cause 11 months lost just as Cyril began to establish some serious contacts in North America.

In 2003, Cyril and Jean Pierre had also visited a prestigious German company T in Paris. The validated file had all of a sudden difficulty being accepted at the headquarters in Germany. Finally the HQ writes: all was perfected but the T company had not foreseen a development in this range of products? Incomprehensible…

Another industrial (French): « your project is brilliant but did you not see that which I package? If I embark with you, I won’t have anymore orders and I have to close my business« . He is packaging productsof a subsidiary of company C.

By the end 2003, the project holders will learn by Internet that the company C manufactures AFCIs in North America! But also one of its directors is a graduate from North America that has been named to the head of UTE in France.

The successive mysteries therefore could rise…


Another French industrial that seems to be at the limit “to establish itself » will be interested. An incredible episode takes place then where at INPI a mysterious hand is going to put a mark on the patents of Cyril, as if it had already sold some licenses, whereas it was negotiating them! After the intervention of his advisor, and rectification of the services of the INPI, the industrial is reassured. He is missing some financing for the complete operation. An appraisal report of the project is requested and the expert estimates it at over 500,000€. But he also notes that this file deserved to be active earlier maybe even earlier, since 2001. Other people come to lend a strong hand and some investors are found. After months of efforts, a last appointment had the foundation to formalize at a large Parisian law firm. But now after everything had been prepared and readied, this particular day, will be meticulously all torpedoed in front of the investors… who are going to leave the meeting… And disappear.

At the same time, a large renowned Spanish company had also been contacted. A meeting takes place at the highest level, introduced by the vice-president. Cyril is accompanied by Jean Pierre Denonain, among others. The expert engineers and marketing validate everything « revolutionary protection, big progress in the security, etc… » Except that in the conversation one of the participants throws out the name of the French company C. A dead silence. One of the advisors present will say that the company C is also very powerful in Spain. And in spite of all validations, nothing will become of this meeting.

The insurance company E, Part II:

In desperation, Jean Pierre Denonain comes back to the insurance company E. A meeting takes place with experts, the whole file is OK: « The technology prevents the most destructive and most murderous fires » But this insurer E won’t do anything toward the motive that he doesn’t have… specific structure… It was not sufficient to create one, or to establish a sponsorship?

UTE Part IV:

To finish this year Cyril Charles and Jean Pierre Denonain make an incredible discovery by the AFNOR9: A project for a norm (PR EN 60998-1) set down by the UTE aims at the principle of the innovation that would be in discussion (and of what right?) and in the waiting, the application of this principle is not desirable! (and in virtue of what?) Doesn’t this project of norm seem more accessible…? It concerns UTE, and of the prevention of the electrical fires.

9 equivalent to the ANSI in USA.

Jean Pierre Denonain tired for months will finally fall suddenly sick and will die of a rapid cancer.

2005 to 2009:

Following this discovery to AFNOR, the inventor explores the meanders of the normalization.

For France in spite of a presentation that seems pluralistic and balanced, it is easy to note that a large number of unions or organisms linked to electricity that don’t have, by definition, the same interests and of which many are part of the UTE that are in fact sheltered under the same roof.

For the international, one also notes that through these very complex organizational charts, unions, associations, partnerships and various, the multinationals are constantly all over the world in contact between eachother, where they also have powerful relays…

Some computer problems as soon as Cyril looks again toward North America?

Cyril orients his research again toward North America. He finds a technical publication in France of the company C that explains the utility of differential devices in facilities of the same type as that of North American dwellings. This publication is interesting considering what is publishes this time in USA about the of the AFCIs. Cyril decides to send the link of it to a North American expert engineer. But the publication disappears instantaneously. From this moment, Cyril understands that he is being monitored. He also begins to have unceasing and serious computer problems: Virus, Trojans, Rootkits, hard drive failure following a targeted attack and even his land line telephone line disconnected from the utility pole. And when some serious contacts become woven in Florida, the insurance company E suddenly reappears saying that it interested…

The company of E insurances, Part III:

End of 2006, once again, as it seems to finally become involved with the constructive contacts in USA, it is the insurance company E that now says suddenly it is interested. It would have endowed itself of an adapted structure, and would have a subsidiary… in California. After multiple appointments, of e-mails and validations by the technical services “after study, the general management was very sensitive to the innovative character to proceed and especially to its capacity to eliminate the almost-totality of the electrical fires »…/… “there is indeed an arc detector USA but it doesn’t work »… “if one wants to eliminate electrical fires, there is only this »… and validations at the highest level (committee of direction of the GIE XXX) one drags along month after month. As had already been done by company M in central France, one voluntarily wastes the time of the project holders. And nothing will become of it. An absolutely incredible episode for this French insurance company extensively mediated…

The AFCIs in USA:

Is the IP address of Cyril blacklisted on U.S sites, whereas this IP address changes regularly? On the site where he is blocked, Cyril will succeed in entering: However it is there exactly question of the adoption of the AFCIs in an American state! Where it will also be discovered as the prestigious German company T, visited in 2003 by Jean Pierre Denonain and Cyril, also sells, among others, the AFCIs in USA. All is more clear…

Controversial publications in USA also exist about these AFCIs. First, some experts indicate that arcs are not a major cause of fires rather that glowing connections are; the AFCIs would also be sold 7 times more expensive at their launching than that of the standard breakers. And although the installation schematics of North America are different from the French and that US electricians don’t have the habit of the differential devices – it is an important point, because it makes it difficult to identify the elements that contribute to a triggering of the AFCIs in case of a fault – some perceived that only the differential part would be operating. And that the function of series arc detection, “technological breakthrough” just doesn’t function:

RH expert Engineer IEEE and NEC (National Electrical Code):

« The community and I have also been deceived. These products don’t make anything more than what the differential breakers do already ».

It is enormous but what Cyril and Michel had seen in 2000, and Jean Pierre Denonain in 2001, among others. Bench test available to the public would not exist to test the function of series arc detection. It is incredible, and from the US expert engineers ask the withdrawal of the obligation of these AFCIs. According to them, imposed even before that they have been developed; there will be multiple publications and videos from the manufacturers. And these products continue to be sold and made obligatory state by state in the USA as if the was nothing of it… Increasing in an unpublished manner the cost of “to code” electric panels of the houses in the USA and Canada.

How could a product that would not function can be made obligatory and be soldas if it was nothing, without any “competitor” to react?

This time, the inventor tied more than some contacts in USA. An expert engineer estimates that his innovation will be able to prevent the almost-totality of the electrical fires in North America. Several other professionals want to participate also.

End 2009, an investor is finally found and in spite of new difficulties provoked some French, the inventor succeeded in flying off for the USA.

2010 the technology is developed in USA. A French State company is implied in the AFCIs:

A company is created in Las Vegas to finally develop the technology, the C. Joule Effect Inc., the inventor is the consultant of it. For this activity he created a small French structure. The French create more problems delaying for 6 months the start. Then a German company that collaborated for supplying materials starts making incomprehensible complications. The material is changed, links with this company are broken. Then an entity in the USA will also make some bizarre complications, whereas all was already validated, obliging to review the strategy concerning the tests, which by the force of things, won’t be able to be led publicly, as had been initially foreseen.

An important publication of 1998 about a meeting held at the CPSC (Consumers Products Safety Commission) in the USA about the adoption of the AFCIs is found. It is the American branch of the « French State company, Z » that provided the millions of electronic chips for the AFCIs. The inventor of the series arc detection function previously had been an employee of this same company (10 years).

2011 Request for the obligation of the technology in the USA, intimidations and hospitalization of the inventor at the worst moment:

Since the beginning of year the project holders including those in the USA have computer malfunctions. The development of the validation prototype is finished. Some tests are led and are validated. A patent of improvement and a US trade mark are deposited.

November 3rd a request for the obligation of the technology baptized GCI TechnologyTM (Glowing Connection Interrupter) to equip American dwellings is filed to the NEC (National Electrical Code).

The inventor’s consultant company site is pirated, then immediately he receives a first intimidating e-mail. This time an infringement to the sense of the French law is established. A first policeman won’t want to take the inventor’s complaint(!) in spite of a supporting information(?). The inventor won’t have to file it himself, he is hospitalized from the emergency room visit, falls into a coma. A resistant bacterium has been found in his lungs and the physicians wonder why his family is not infected. The inventor who barely escaped death leaves the hospital December 31, under oxygen and handicapped; whereas he was to be with the officer of the C. Joule Effect Inc. at the public audience of the NEC in USA January 19th to launch the stone that will make waves in the pond.

This audience was also the starting point of operations clarifying these blockages, what could reveal the business of these AFCIs. Business of which some US professionals speak of it on forums like the biggest con that had ever occurred in the domain of the electrical products in the USA.

2012 barrage of questions and an extraordinary publication to the NEC:

An Engineer will replace Cyril to accompany the officer of the C. Joule Effect Inc. A video explaining the GCI TechnologyTM is projected at the time of this audition. Some participants are impressed and interested. Immediately a “barrage of artillary” is led by two American subsidiaries of French companies being at the table of the examiners: (?)

- company A, that wanted to buy in 2000 the patent request of Cyril Charles for a balance of the entire account and that appeared the most vehement,

- company C, that had in its hands the patent request, who declared to be in opposition and that manufactures AFCIs in USA. And of which one of its former directors has been named to the UTE.

The proposition has been refused for the motive that there were not… enough tests!

Following, Cyril Charles receives an e-mail pirated evoking his illness: « You’ve got it in one. Couldn’t have put it better ». The company site of the C. Joule Effect Inc. is also pirated, its officer files a complaint. The main investor of the C Joule Effect Inc. accused for fiscal fraud(?). An abnormal bond is asked. All his holdings are frozen. Cyril changes his hard drives. In spite of it a new computer intrusion takes place, and he is going to receive more precise intimidations.

A publication addressed to the NEC: « AFCIs WHAT THEY WILL AND WILL NOT DO. » It emanates the Dr. JE, former R&D person responsible of the US company which first launched the AFCIs in USA:

-Retired from this company, he indicates that the glowing connections are a major reason of fires. He publishes photos of tests that he achieved with outlets that burn, etc. and he indicates that AFCIs don’t detect these phenomena.

- he then specifies that the imposition of these AFCIs came about with methods at minimum, “curious”, that he had invented “the fire curve”, etc… And finally, that series arc detection, technological breakthrough according to the advertisements, in fact has never functioned for American dwellings where it has been made obligatory.

2013: The investor doesn’t continue.Cyril Charles can no longer work. The Consumer Products Safety Commission.

He is then followed, spied on, receives an intimidating e-mail as soon as he phones or sends an e-mail for the project.

Finally somewhat re-established, in June he goes with company of the officer of the C. Joule Effect Washington DC in the CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission is an agency whose goal is to protect people against the « risks unreasonable of injuries coming from consumer products ». This agency is non-governmental but its leaders are named by the American government). One of the engineers representing this organism was present at the time of the viewing of the video at the NEC and he seemed very interested. But this was before. They are in front of him, another engineer, and a representative of the NEMA (an association of electric material manufacturers in USA). Cyril explains hi technology and how it is capable of preventing fires. To begin a project of UL normalization (as was discovered with UTE in 2004?) would seem to forbid the innovation of Cyril. But this project of normalization doesn’t mean anything and Cyril demonstrates it and gets around it. While following, multiple unfounded objections are made, that Cyril disassembles one after the other again and finally no opposition will be able to be held; these intervening parties are going to end up saying, that there were « philosophical oppositions » to the created fault (?)

Back in France the inventor undergoes more and more intimidations. He goes to specialized services and files a complaint, and this time a preliminary investigation is open. The logical continuation is the opening of an instruction. But a new district attorney arrives and classify the complaint in the category « intrusion in the private life » and (which is false) without further investigations for the motive that the authors are not identified. However this is also false and the consequences of this ordering without continuation are just as serious.

During the night of the date where this decision is returned, some gun shots are fired in front of the inventor’s home. He will call the police to his home, while during these same hours, the company site of the C. Joule Effect Inc. will be pirated in USA for the second time.

AAIM.TV puts on line the video-report “The Electrical French Connection or The Real Truth about AFCIs ».

The French company C, indicates on its French website that it is going to launch similar products adapted the 3rd quarter 2013 in France: There is a rapid presentation no real explanations available = mistake 404.

The interviewed wholesalers never heard anything about this and these products never arrive.

And one learns otherwise that “…there is finally a wave of interest for the arc fault detectors, caused by the example of the United States »(!) « That a number of countries called for a norm defining a protection against the dangerous arcs now identified as a major reason for the electrical fires ». But it doesn’t go along with the opposition of the expert opinions nor the publication of 2012 by Dr. JE former R&D responsible of the company which developed and launched these AFCIs in USA, and of his tests of outlets that burn because of the glowing connections – major reason of electrical fires – undetected also according to him, by these AFCIs, of which he also confesses, – that series arc detection was never operational in houses where it has been made obligatory?

One also learns that CEI, (one of the world organisms of normalization that works on this new norm) started at the end of 2008, its works in technical sub-committee. (CEI: Commission Electrotechnique Internationale).

The objective being to arrive to an international norm (Europe) for an arc detection device…/… The CEI could lean on the UL norm of the AFCIs

  • As semblance to give an answer to « the French have all bet on an American technology the AFCIs » of the report from AAIM.TV a publication on the site of the company C will indicate that for these products, the companies regrouped some – colleges of experts -
  • The computer of the journalist of AAIM.TV is hacked, the AAIM site.TV is pirated.
  • AAIM.TV files a complaint.
  • In spite of the revelations of the report “The Electrical French Connection or The Real Truth about AFCIs” as since the beginning a lead plate seems to cover this business.
  • Cyril Charles mandated a lawyer so that he files a new complaint with a constitution of private party request end 2013.
  • Beginning 2014, the lawyer doesn’t answer anymore to e-mails, telephone calls or even to a registered letter. Cyril has been obliged to contact the President of the Bar.
  • The inventor launched a call for help concerning this project.

In the USA the price of electrical installations has been increased appreciably.

The glowing connection, source of the almost-totality of electrical fires remains without active protection; whereas it was easy to do so with a small cost and regardless of all the safety speeches.

Since 2001, there are thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of injured because of these disasters. “The Electrical French Connection or The Real Truth about AFCIs? »: An enormous scandal to not to denounce?


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